The schools offer to start the program iGSCE in September


The schools offer to start the program iGSCE in September

Browser StudyLab Shimf Julia finds out whether it is possible to begin training in England for 15 years – one year before high school.

• Wycliffe College / County Gloucestershire, Stonehouse
Private school near Bristol, with a strong academic program. Graduates enter the leading British universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.
At the preparatory program, students improve their English and gain knowledge on subjects at the level required for A-Levels. Along with the traditional disciplines – mathematics, biology, chemistry, history, economy, art, media, and you can choose Japanese.

• Taunton School / Somerset County
It is a boarding school in the south-east of England. For foreign students here open an international center, where a year can pass the IGCSE program.
In it, children learn to 8 subjects (24 to choose from), an exam and pass an international center of Taunton in the classical high school. Among them – Harrow School, Brighton College, Charterhouse, Caterham, Sevenoaks.

• Hurtwood House / Surrey, Dorking
Included in the list of the top 50 private schools in England. There is a wide choice of subjects to study for A-Levels, including business, the arts, the humanities and the natural sciences.
For foreign students the school offers a preparatory program that combines English lessons with classes in subjects. English, mathematics, natural science subject and two businesses. Additionally, you can take a second foreign language.

• St. Clare’s College / Oxford
The school with the strongest IB program at Oxford. She graduates in the past year came in the top 10 UK universities (including Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics) and the US top 50 universities (including Brown, New York University, University of California).

Especially for students 15 years of age who need training in subjects and English, St. Clare’s College conducts Pre-IB course, also it is possible to use service write my essay online. His curriculum includes the same set of objects that IB: English, world literature, humanities, mathematics, and art.

• St. Leonard’s School / Five, St Andrews, Scotland
The only school in Scotland, to completely abandon the A-Level in favor of the IB. To prepare foreign students for the international baccalaureate and to life at the guest house, the school invited the Pre-IB course.

Subjects are also taken from six groups of subjects for the IB: native language, English literature, history, science, mathematics, and another thing to choose from – an additional language, humanitarian or artistic discipline.

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